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Owner: David H. Byrd

Back in 1960 the Ford Falcon was a rising star, rising from the ashes of the Ford Edsel. Robert McNamara, then president of Ford Motor Company, realized the Ford dealers needed a small economical car to compete with the import cars arriving on American soil. Lee Iacocca took over the project when McNamara left to become Secretary of Defense. McNamara is considered to be the “Father” of the Falcon while Iacocca is the “Stepfather”. Several years later, Iacocca brought to market his own “special edition” of the Falcon, the Mustang. Both cars were a big hit and have developed into much more than the small economy cars they were born to be. Think of the people with late model Mustangs that probably wouldn’t want to think of their car as a stepchild of the Falcon.

David has owned Falcons all his life and thinks he has around 25 now. He bought The car featured here 25 years ago from a friend for $300. As you can see, he has well over $300 invested in the car now, but thinks it’s been worth every cent of the investment.

This car was awarded “Best Ford” at Goodguy’s Charlotte in 2009 and also won the National award which was a Ford racing engine with Rousch accessories. In 2011 it won the “Snap-On Tools” Innovation award. David’s friends have nicknamed him “Horseshoe”, but I know it was more than luck. He and his wonderful car earned every award.

David’s 1963 Falcon is a good example of how far some Falcons have strayed from their simple beginning. It houses a 392 Ford stroker engine with an automatic overdrive transmission and more polished chrome than I’d like to maintain. David does a magnificent job of keeping it perfectly cleaned and sparkling.

The car now has a full frame, Heights front end and four-bar rear suspension with a Ford nine inch rear end. It has Boyd Coddington wheels, Vintage Air and a custom leather interior.

The car is simply beautiful!

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