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Owners: Stan & Penny Silva

Discovery Bay, CA

Stan & Penny are some of the Downtown Mooresville Cruise-In electronic participants. They participate through the magic of the internet and “Car Guy” DVDs. They frequently visit the “Cars & Cruisers” portion of the web-site and tell me they feel like they know the people and are members of the group. They also have both Mooresville “Car Guy” DVDs.

Stan & Penny have visited Downtown Mooresville while in the area for the NASCAR races. I recently saw them in Reno, NV for Hot August Nights and Stan had on his black Mooresville Cruise-In t-shirt. A couple of days later they were both wearing their yellow Mooresville Cruise-In t-shirts. I felt we should welcome them to the Downtown Mooresville Cruise-In by including them in the “Cars & Cruisers.”

So, welcome Stan & Penny Silva and their awesome, award winning, 1958 Corvette. It is the original Panama Yellow with white coves and the original charcoal interior, which was a one year color combination for Corvette. The car has the correct hood with the nonfunctional louvers and twin chrome trunk spears, both one model year only features, which make a true ’58 Corvette easy to distinguish.

Stan & Penny live in Discovery Bay in the San Francisco/Oakland Bay area. They drive their car everywhere and do not own a trailer. I just learned that the ’58 Corvette is considered Stan’s car and they are building a red, second generation Corvette for Penny. Penny's car is a complete body off restoration and promises to be another awesome Corvette.

Car Guy DVDs Car Guy DVDs Car Guy DVDs
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