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Owners: Mickey, Connie and Austin Russell

Mooresville, NC

It has been said for years that the sport of Cruising, Hot Rodding, Car Shows, or whatever name you know it by, is a family sport. Well, here’s a family that exemplifies that as well as any.

Their ’49 Ford was Connie’s father’s car and given to them for an anniversary gift on their second anniversary, back in 1999. Mickey, a fabricator by trade, did all the custom work, fabricating, and paint and body work himself. Just like so many nice cars, you have to study everything that’s been done to the car to really appreciate the hand crafted parts and the skilled workmanship.

Mickey also built the chassis and incorporated a new Chevy 350 engine with a 350 transmission. The interior was the only thing that they had done, and it was done by Chuck Hanna.

The car was completed and ready for cruising in 2002 and they’re still cruising in it. In the picture of them seated in the car are Mickey, driving; his wife, Connie, copiloting from the right front seat; her mom, “Gram” (Jean Shultz) and young son, Austin, just enjoying the ride!

They tell me they don’t really want to influence Austin in his decision as to what he might like in life, but I’m told he already enjoys watching “Car Guy” DVDs. I guess he may as well enjoy them now, while he has time.

Remembering that his father is a fabricator, it shouldn’t be any big surprise that he built the stroller pictured with Austin in it, to resemble a ’32 Ford roadster. Remember, they don’t want to influence him! What a great family. It’s always good to see them out enjoying the cars and memories together.

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