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Owner: Don and Sharon Lyon

Sherrills Ford, NC

The Lyon's 1948 Chrysler Town & Country Woodie is a rare and outstanding car and is displayed beautifully with many collectables from the period of the car.

The wooden canoe, oar, and fishing pole tied to the wooden roof rack are perfect. But it doesn't stop there. In the trunk is a set of wooden shaft golf clubs, a wicker picnic basket and a beautiful set of picnic dishware, a wicker tackle box, a small wooden toboggan, a set of child's skis and roller skates, a tennis racket, a baseball mitt, with baseball and bat.

Then there are the car accessories: the large twin spotlights, twin outside rearview mirrors, the luggage rack on the roof, the twin fog lights, the auxiliary bumper guards, the outside sun visor and of course the wide whitewalls and full trim rings on the wheels.

I don't think they missed a thing on the car that would have made it any better an example of the car and the period it's from. The car is also a very pleasing color of the day and has a dark red Highlander plaid interior that really sets it off. It's powered by a six cylinder flat-head engine and fluid drive, which was the automatic transmission available in that car when it was built.

They are only the second owners of the car and found it in Chesterfield, MO, over twenty years ago. They first took the car to Florida and then to North Carolina five years ago. Though not sure how many were built, only fifty-one are known to exist. And now the most amazing thing about this car: it's all original except for the repaint. I could go on and on about this car, but it is an absolute must see vehicle and if you are ever fortunate enough to see it, be sure and take enough time to fully appreciate it, and the way it has been maintained and is showcased.

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