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Owners: Angelo & Fran Andaloro

Mooresville, NC

Neither pictures or words can adequately describe Angelo and Fran’s 1947 Chevrolet coupe. You simply have to see the car to fully appreciate the workmanship. They bought the car as a non-running car in 1988 for a whopping twenty-five dollars. Angelo started right out chopping the top and installing a 1988 Malibu engine, transmission and wiring harness.

They drove the car until 1994 when he started the second renovation which brought it to what it is today. This time the customizing was a little more extensive. He lowered the hood for a more aerodynamic look and that in itself is a major operation. The fenders are welded to the body and all the seams filled. The front bumper was reversed and bolts welded to the back of it to give it that clean smooth look. The rear bumper was replaced by a custom made roll pan. The fit on the doors and trunk is tight, straight and close.

Custom headlights and taillights were recessed. The rearview mirrors are so small you’re first question will be, how do they work? Simple, they are cameras. A spine was added down the middle of the car, much like the second generation Corvette coupes (’63-’67) have, but it runs from the grill in front down to, and around, the license plate which is recessed into the trunk lid.

The power plant was upgraded to an IROC engine and the rear-end switched to a Ford nine inch. As you might expect, the doors have remote controls, as does the sound system. Enabling the car to be driven anywhere and still displayed with that low look, it has electronically operated air-ride suspension. The gorgeous gold paint was mixed by Mary at O’Reilly’s in Salisbury and she named it “Fran’s Inspiration.” All I know is between them they did a great job.

Finally the car went over to Chuck Hanna who did the interior in Italian leather with wicker trim and floors. Be sure and take a good look at the interior, because Angelo did some incredible custom work in there before it went to the trim shop, such as the waterfall divider that starts in the rear window and runs through the entire center of the interior.

Angelo takes every opportunity to tell that he built this car for his wife Fran, and he thanks her for her patience, just as she thanks him for all the time he put into conceiving, developing and constructing this many time award winning car.

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