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Owners: Dallas & Helen Talbert

Concord, NC

It seems that every car show regular attendee in the Mooresville, NC area knows, or knows of, Dallas and Helen. They are one of the loveliest and most likeable couples youíll ever meet. While many people donít want anyone to know their age, Dallas will be glad to tell you that in 2012 heís in his eighty-fifth year on this earth. He says itís taken a long time and a lot of work to get to this age and itís something not everyone will accomplish, so heís proud of it. Helen just points out that he married a younger girl!

Similarly, while some people are proud to have a low mileage car, they donít mind telling that they have driven their car over one hundred and thirty thousand miles. Is it any wonder so many people know them? Their car is an attractive yellow 1939 Ford convertible with a distinctive dark blue top and interior.

It also has a rumble seat trimmed in the same dark blue. For you young folks that donít remember, rumble seats were a seat located where the trunk might have been and were entered by climbing up the rear fender on small steps. Children loved riding in them and having the wind blow through their hair. Adults loved putting the mother-in-law in them where they couldnít hear her.

Dallas and Helen kept their hot rod all Ford with a Cobra 302 engine and C4 transmission. The car has all the power options of a modern day car and they sure enjoy cruising in it, and I might say, they sure look good cruising it! Having said all that, would you believe they have received 425 awards with the car? Now you may think thatís enough to keep them busy, but they also collect all types of memorabilia that they have displayed at their Gas Station Garage and General Store, including fifty peddle cars (all restored) and model trains.

I simply cannot adequately describe their collection, but once every year they have a Party and everyone is welcome. You should go to it, if you possibly can. I promise you will enjoy the experience and it will be time well spent.

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